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Your Ithaca, New York nightlife entertainment guide, and social media center. The bests in Ithaca's reports of nightlife entertainment, arts, fashions, beautiful and handsome models, socials, creative developments, cultural and dance classes, along with news items for stimulating nightlife and leading academic conversations and interests are now included. In addition, Ithaca Nightlife is offering an altenative to tweeting and to enlist you to provide news lead by you joining The Proboards Ithaca Socials. Making your time out on the town more enjoyable here in Ithaca, New York. Moreover, and since Ithaca is an academic service community, this is also a part of a greater International Intercultural Communications website program between selected global academic service related cities and their University campuses. [ IE. See the Ithaca Students/Scholars section Who We Are Statement , and Cornell University / Ithaca College, and Ithaca, New York, USA.. ]
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The Cocktails Drinks, Attire, and Nightlife Cultural Challenge.
Ithaca Internet Master Roger M. Christian
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smileJoin the Salsa Wild Dance Troupe.
Ithaca is now a growing center of fashions, though a small town, but as the following site will indicate Ithaca fashions based industry is in its period of creative growth and why.
This is the social and cultural blog which depicts Israeli society from a more social unaffiliated point of social view, along with some insight into the diversities which exist within Israeli society.
This is to keep you up to date of the Local, National, and International Arts Scene in which will enhance the level of conversations within the night entertainment scene of Ithaca, New York and its visitors.
To allow those who are already members of the popular Facebook in Ithaca, New York a means in which to interact online with each other within the scope of the greater Facebook community about Ithaca's nightlife, or critique thereof which is likewise encouraged.


To stay up to date on a daily basis go to:  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ) , NY Blog.Things happens fast in an academic town.


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The City of Ithaca, New York has quite more than its share of theater, dance and musical programs, especially in summer. The State Theater, 111 W. State St. (tel. 607/277-6633), located in one of the last remaining National Historical Theatres-which is representational " Golden Era " architecture built during Hollywood's Great Era of the Entertaining Musicals - is the city's theatrical center. The new Kitchen Theatre is now in its in final stages of completion on State Street across the hsitroic restuarant landmark diner ( Known through the International Students / Scholars arena.] The State Diner. Both have top year-round classic and contemporary theater, ballet and concerts. Recent attraction to " The State " was Whoopie Goldberg during the month of February. Additional " Internationally known Top Liners " are now, also, being booked.

The Hangar theatre will return in 2015 with another great season of Ithaca Theatre
The Readers'. Theatre @ The Cinemapolis 5th season
The New Ithaca Entertainment Blog list not only local entertainment events, but also entertainment events in the Five Boroughs of New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Syracuse, and Toronto where a large share of Cornell and Ithaca College Academia commute to.

Theatre / Theater Scene

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Social Media Instant Fashion News for Ithaca, New York 14850
News items and reports taken from social media such as blogspot, twitters, facebooks, instagrams and tumbirs, for example, to give a complete picture of current fashions related news you will never get anywhere else.
This is the International Students / Scholars InterCultural Communication Voice website of links and additional information in which is self - shared by International Academians at American Campuses.
Once the readership of Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY starts to make comments about events here in Ithaca, New York they will be published here. Moreover, wanted are writers and advertising sales peoples as well.
Here you will find whats happening in CollegeTown which is adjacent to the beautiful Cornell Campus.
DownTown Ithaca, New York is actively being promoted by a group dedicate businesses who have organized the Ithaca DownTown Partnership and have produced several reason why you should go Downtown Ithaca often.
Dryden is the location of TC3's main campus and couple years ago the community started to made several civic improvement priorities and thus have additional offerings as a result.
In the Elmira road route 13 area is where Ithaca - Tompkins county had its major business economic expansion. this was based up its leading position in statistics in both traffic and amount purchases. It has started to develop venues for a nightlife, though at this time being sponsored by private clubs---ie. the Eagles.
This has been the traditional area - center of Ithaca / Tompkins county nightlife industry.
With Warren Wood, Gaslight, University Park Apartments, Uptown Apartments and many other apartment complexes the Village of Lansing has developed a small at times romantic, depending who is entertaining, neighborhood cozy nightlife scene.
Though at one times dry, this area has pict up a little but with a country music twist. None the less, and in additional Slaterville is Ithaca / Tompkins county strongest Hollywood connection in as much as it produces most of the authentic swords for major period movie productions such as Braveheart.
Though Ithaca is considered progressive, Trumansburg is more of cultural iconclast in the romanticism of the progressive 70s of the last century, and it largely aloof with the social and cultural dynamics of the Ithaca's progressives. This produces a more romantic tone in its small neighborhood centered nightlife.
Ithaca Night Life  ( NightLife ), NY Online Blog Roll: This includes all social, cultural, and entertainment value which are listed as suggestions - conversation topics to make your nightlife activities, including dating, in Ithaca most enjoyable.
The most important point about having a good time is how you look - especially out on the town with a date. Thus the Dating wear blog.
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Madonna a cultural icon now being open for discussion.
Up coming movie releases which will becoming to Ithaca / Tompkins county theaters..
A monthly Internet E - News for the Students / Scholars of Academia

Summer outdoor concerts by the Ithaca Downtown Business Partnership, and Dancing in the Streets established by Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY OnLine Publications series are held at The Commons. Additional events are likewise presented at The Taughannock Falls State Park, and the Cornell University quad. For additional events on music and performing arts, see and Ithaca Social Calendar

New this year is the Proud to Serve 4th of July Celebration The annual 4-day Ithaca Festival, Ithaca's and Tompkin's county leading event, held the first weekend after Memorial Day, features several stages and performances by musicians, painters, dance groups, and more. Visit for more information or call tel. 607/273-4646.

Excellent array of restaurants and drinking lounges and establishments. Most of them new!. See Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY's Restaurant Guide and Hot Spots.

Ithaca Downtown Partnership (tel.607/277-8679 ) sponsored event; February is Chili Cook-Off month in which the local restaurants, and private citizens alike try to out cook America's central cultural dish, Chili.


Ithaca Restaurant News: New WebPage Under Construction.


There was significant local economic impact which primarily impacted the Twin Academic Towers of Ithaca, New York. Nonetheless, though at present slowed down as a result, the downtown boom is still going on. Based upon the best nightlife traditions established by: Chanticleer, 101 W. State St. (tel. 607/272-9678) -- famous for its neon rooster sign on the corner -- is a low-key watering hole with a bit of a gritty feel to go with its pool tables and jukebox. Micawber's Tavern after the death of its owner is now closed, a valued tradition as well as personal friends were likewise lost. There was once a lively bar with live pop and rock music every Friday there.

Cornell University Campus Concerts Series. 2014 - 2015 season.
Cornell University has a unique entertainment value where lectures could be just as popular as student entertainment events. See The Cornell Blog ( this is not an offical University blog - please note. When there are press releases issued: Cornell Students / Scholars Clubs develop their own independent performance entertainment everts - as well as Ithaca College Students / Scholars Clubs.

In Collegetown up on the hill in Collegetown near Cornell, Stella's Martini Bar, 403 College Ave. (tel. 607/277-1490), is one of the coolest spots, with live music on weekends. The other is Rulloff's with its calendar of weekly events, and excellent menue (tel. 607/272-6067).

Ten miles north (on Rte. 96) of Ithaca, in Trumansburg ("T-Burg"), is a handful of bars, including the curiously named live-music pub Rongovian Embassy to the U.S. (known to local barflies as the Rongo). Find its stage featuring local rock bands and a good selection of beers at 1 Main St. (tel. 607/387-3334). It's open until 1am Tuesday to Sunday. More importantly, the community shines around the Christmas and Chanukah season with the Winter Festival ( ). Even more important, The Grass Roots Festival of Music and Dance (tel.607/387-5098) (fax.607/387-5630 ) during the Summer season which has entertainment within a natural outdoorish Woodstock ( which it was a spin - off from ) atmosphere of youth and wisdom of the ages integrated with seasoned rocks musics entertainment, and country dancing.

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An impressive array of activities and events which draws your to attention to world - wide. RMC P.S. I making this so too - just browse the web these days and you see Ithaca poping all over the world now! RMC / 607 - 279 - 9945

National Concerts Tours: To give you an advance heads up to plan your attendance.
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Here are some shorts feature portals links to on going global events.
Whats happening in and around the Art World of the Oakland, California.
The Entertainers section of Ithaca Entertainment
The Group depicted is BLADE. A Heavy Metal Performing Group / Band.
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Cannibal Corpse & Behemoth teams up for 2015 concert tour USA
Cannibal Corpse - Photo wikipedia encyclopedia
Concert tour dates above on Behemoth - Photo wikipedia encyclopedia
All that Jazz   This is the World of Jazz. >strong>Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow. Ever exciting entertainment, and real heart to heart music which has given this upbeat and quick tempo music its soul, from both the Northern and Southern African American Traditions, and the audience romance with its genre and its innovators.
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